My Profile

Clayton has always been a Strong and Strategic Negotiator, working very soon after graduating from College (Mechanical Engineering Technology) with a company that was growing quickly as an Automotive Parts Supplier.  Clayton was hired as Project Estimator and within a year was running the Engineering Department.  Clayton became a partner in an Engineering Consulting Company, where Clayton’s main objective was restructuring the companies Estimating and Engineering departments to become more competitive.  Clayton has always found himself back in the negotiating role with many positions with Top Canadian Companies as the Purchasing Manager.  Clayton helped in the restructuring and growth of these companies, negotiating everything from leases, property purchases, facility contracts, contracting, purchase of goods and services,...  So it made great sense for Clayton when the next opportunity came to become a Realtor.  Now he Negotiates for you and your Real Estate Dreams.

Clayton and his wife (and our 3 children) have lived in Mono for 14 years and love this community for the space and natural pursuits it offers.